MikroAIRTM - Dry micronizer

Dry micronized disinfection treatment device, non-toxic for the environment

MikroAIRTM is an innovating small device (460mm X 600mm), engineered, designed and manufactured by Biosteril Italia, to sanitize air. It provides for a safe and effective method to sanitize ambiences, as air easily transfers and transmits viral, bacterial, fungal infections to public and professional ambiences, present in dust, cough, sneezing or phonation. Infections can be affect human health thus increasing private and public health care costs.

MikroAIRTM profits from the micronized application of the Rely+OnTMVirkon™ reconstructed disinfectant in a ozonized-based solution, thus generating a dry spray transferring highly disinfectant particles in the air to treat critical or dangerous ambiences.

The device is fitted with a printer, thus at the end of any treatment, it is possible to print a certificate, a clear evidence of the application result, thus constantly tracing back its efficacy.

The use of MikroAIRTM provides for a spray uniform disinfectant suspension to be transferred to the surrounding environment, being suspended for about 26.5 hours thanks to the micelle reduced size, thus leading to a consistent biocide action. The system is destined to the disinfection of the air in medium/high risk ambiences.

Its main applications essentially are:

Health care sector
Hospitals and polyclinics, Ambulances, Obstetrics clinics, Dental labs, Scientific and clinical labs, White rooms, etc.

Community services
Schools, kindergartens and primary schools, Hospices, rehab centres, recreation centres, Jails, prisons, institutes for under-age prisoners, hotels, spa, theatres, cinemas, gyms, offices, etc.

Food processing
Canteens, catering services, supermarkets, salami manufacturing companies, diaries, butchers, etc;

Military, merchant and cruise ships, Ferry boats, fishing boats; Military and civil planes; Merchant and passenger trains, containers, Road haulage, etc.

Industrial sector
drug companies, air duct treatments, cleaning, etc.
Dental sector
Dental clinics, dental cabinets, associated companies

The disinfecting solution is directly reconstitued inside the MikroAIRTM micronizer adding, in the device receptacle 10 g of Rely+OnTMVirkonTM powder and 1 litre of ozonized-based solution. The synergy between the two products provides for a long-lasting aerosolized product, able to lower a consistent pathogen microorganism load.

The micelle dimensions produced by MikroAIRTM vary between 0.5 and 5 µm, with a surface tension thus rebounding when in contact with a solution surface, thus not wetting it. Thanks to the excellent disinfecting features, among which its non-toxicity, it is possible to immediately access any ambience after the treatment.

The device operation can be scheduled and programmed, thus remotely starting the treatment as to ease any sanitizing At the end any treatment, it is possible to directly print a certification including the application features, customized according to the end user requirements. Thus the operator is no longer liable for the treatment success and any operation can be easily traced back.

Applications are saved in the Device, as an evidence of further treatment traceability . The installed USB portal provides for an easy and practical consulting.

MikroAIRTM 40 is also fitted with a barcode reading system of the ozonized-based solutions, a further evidence of its correct and regular use, while checking consumptions as well.

Among the device main features, the electric emptying of any residual solution inside the device and the possibility to fit a GPS software of the device.

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