PoliDisinTM – Surface disinfectant kit

Kit for the surface and air top quality disinfection, with potassium peroxymonosulfate and ozone

Biosteril ltalia srl engineered a series of kits destined to highly disinfect surfaces and ambiences profiting from the synergy from the association between ozonized water and the disinfectant active ingredient, dissolved in water, thus leading to a highly oxidizing association, able to perfectly lower the pathogen load, breaking the walls and/or the bacterial capsule and preventing the viral particle to penetrate the host, while modifying the biological molecules and the cellular materials, making them inert.

PoliDisinTM is a professional kit of products suitable to the top quality environmental disinfection, including the disinfectant Rely+OnTMVirkonTM and other complementary products such as Ozono TherapyTM, SterilScreenTM, Basic ozonized solution, the dry micronizer MikroAIRTM, drums, sprays, microfiber cloths. The final product is available in three variants (PoliDisin One; PoliDisin Air; PoliDisin Plus) according to the required applications and quantities.

The offered product high quality is supported by a consistent technical service and a technical-information service by the company, including dedicated training courses for the personnel. Thus it is possible to entirely profit from the consistent decontaminating product features, reducing material and energy wastes, with the user constantly involved.

In the following pages, information is annexed in details relating to the three PoliDisinTM variants:

PoliDisinTM kits are registered by the Health Care Ministry, n. 51003/R.