PoliDisinTM AIR – Surface disinfectant kit

Kit for the surface and air top quality disinfection, with potassium peroxymonosulfate and ozone

PoliDisinTMAIR is a specific package to treat air, allowing to better comply with requirements of whoever is willing to lower the pathogenic microorganisms dispersed and transported by “bio-aerosol”. In the hospital rooms, clinics, surgeries, waiting room, the air microbial contamination is consistent depending on dust on the flooring but also on cough and sneezing. It is well know how air is one of the main microorganism spreading means thus disinfection is required to curb contamination.

Some biocide-action common devices are not entirely useful:

  1. High installation and service costs limit their use in surgeries and to only a few other high risk ambiences.
  2. They move in a single direction.

The use of PoliDisinTM AIR allows to generate a uniform micelle suspension, lasting in the air for 26 hours, as the particles are very light (0.5 / 1.5 micron) thus leading to an anti-microbial action against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Following each treatment, the system automatically issues a certification thus remotely tracing back each application and used solution. As the micronized disinfectant solution is non toxic, it is possible to access any room just after the treatment, with no downtime in the use of the rooms.

PoliDisinTM AIR kit consists of:

Ozonised basic solution (1 litre bottle) replacing fresh water to reconstitute Rely+OnTMVirkonTM, providing for a long lasting suspension in the treatment water, antifoam effect and the best possible result as the solution treatment with ozone.

MikroAIR generator supplementing the Rely+OnTMVirkonTM disinfectant in the air, lowering the pathogenic contamination in the ambience.

Rely+OnTMVirkonTM disinfectant, cold soluble in the Ozonised basic solution, tested on any type of surface, use for the room disinfection.

PoliDisinTM AIR kit is destined to the air disinfection in high risk ambiences, including white rooms and aeration ducts (easily spreading microbes and allergens).

The main application sectors are:

Health care sector
Hospitals and polyclinics, Ambulances, Obstetrics clinics, Dental clinics, Scientific and clinical labs, etc.

Community services
Schools, kindergartens and primary schools, Hospices, recreation centres, hotels, spa, theatres, cinemas, gyms, offices, etc.

Food processing
Canteens, catering services, supermarkets, salami manufacturing companies, diaries, butchers

Military, merchant and cruise ships, Ferry boats, fishing boats, Military and civil planes, Merchant and passenger trains, Containers, Road haulage etc.

Industrial sector
drug companies, air duct treatments, cleaning, etc.

The three component in the PoliDisinTM AIR kit are extremely effective when treating air.

The Ozonised basic solution supplied in the kit allows to reconstitute the Rely+OnTMVirkonTM 1% product (10g in 1 litre of the Ozonised basic solution), thus, when used, supporting the micelle fractioning and increasing the membrane resistance, as to provide for a long-lasting treatment suspension in the air and to make the disinfectant biocide power more effective.

Once the disinfectant solution ready, in fact, it is transferred into the micronizer tank, thus producing drops, 0.5 micron in diameter.

The smaller particle air suspension lasts for 26.5 hours. Ambiences are accessible immediately after the treatment.

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