PoliDisinTM PLUS – Surface disinfectant kit

Kit for the surface and air top quality disinfection, with potassium peroxymonosulfate and ozone

Biosteril ltalia srl engineered a high environmental disinfectant exploiting the synergy developed through the association from ozonised water and the disinfectant active ingredient. In fact the ingredient is dissolved in water and reconstituted in water free from hydrogen peroxide.

As proved by the study from AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process), ozone freed in water thanks to a specific device, once combined with hydrogen peroxide, produces highly reactive radicals, with a high oxidising capacity, able to perfectly lower the pathogen load, breaking the walls and/or the bacterial capsule and preventing the viral particle to penetrate the host, thus stopping its replication cycle in the host.

The PoliDisinTM PLUS kit includes:

Ozono Therapy
The device produces ozone through a corona discharge and it is conveyed through a tap thanks to a manifold and it is mixed with the mains water through a Venturi adapter. Ozonised water becomes the best vehicle to reconstitute a disinfectant as the Rely+OnTM VirkonTM, holding potassium peroxymonosulfate

Drum, 25lt, dispensing jug 250g
The two accessories allows to duly dispensing the disinfectant powers, in consistent quantity, providing for a solution reserve to be used in one or more working days

Potassium peroxymonosulfate
Top quality disinfectant holding Rely+OnTMVirkonTM manufactured by DuPont and holding Potassium peroxymonosulfate and sodium chloride. Such active ingredients in solutions react forming Chloride, a highly oxidising element with biocide activity. At the same time, Potassium peroxymonosulfate in excess present in the solution reacts forming hydrogen peroxide. The product holds sodium benzensulphonate, a surfactant, with a high cleaning power allowing to match disinfecting and deterging features in one single step. The product is available in bottle, 500 g or in 1 kg disinfecting powder.

Detergent-decontaminating wipes
Detergent-decontaminating SterilScreenTM wipes are effective to clean sensitive surfaces. The product consists of two wipes, the first holding PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide), Benzalkonium Chloride and Didecyl-dimetyl ammonium chloride, the second a dry wipe, and both treated under gamma rays. The active ingredients provide for a bactericide and fungicide activity in a few minutes. As they do not hold alcohol make them suitable to use on PC monitor and LCD devices.

Nebulizer and Trigger
The supplied nebulizer is transparent and silk-screened printed. It allows to check anytime the self-testing colouring of the disinfecting solution and never confuse the product with other cleaning disinfectants. The trigger was duly calibrated by the manufacturing company to provide for 1mL of solution at any spray according to the two modes: Spreading and directional.

Evolon cloth
Evolon® cloth is a property microfiber cloth, combining the best textile and mechanic features. Evolon® is soft, draping and light, as the traditional microfibers but at the same time resistant and it provides for the best possible filtrating features, with a barrier effect, thanks to the compact fibre structure. The internal structure, consisting of microfilaments, makes it extremely absorbing, breathable and easy to dry. Evolon® can be washed in water and it was designed to stand intensive treatments.

The main application sectors are:

Health care sector
Hospitals and polyclinics, Ambulances, Dental clinics, Scientific and clinical labs

Community services
Hospices, Jails, prisons, institutes for under-age prisoners, spa;

Food processing
Canteens, catering services, supermarkets, salami manufacturing companies, diaries, butchers;

Military, merchant and cruise ships;

Industrial sector
drug companies, bottling and sterile product packaging companies, agro-farming companies dealing with the production and processing, transportation and storage of food, air duct treatments, cleaning.
Dental sector
dental clinics, dental cabinets, associated companies.

In the high risk infective areas Rely+OnTMVirkonTM, holding potassium peroxymonosulfate is required to get the higher level of disinfection. As to keep a high hygienic standard, disinfection is to be constant, complete e all-inclusive.

The product Rely+OnTMVirkonTM must be reconstituted at 1% (10g in a litre of water), using the supplied nebuliser. Abundantly wet the surface with the reconstituted disinfecting solution. Dry with the Evolon cloth present in the kit. The rose colouring of the solution proves its efficacy: in time the solution provides for its biocide activity. After 5 days, however, it is suggested to replace the reconstituted solution with a fresh solution, after duly cleaning and rinsing the bottle, to remove any waste.

To complete the disinfecting treatment with Rely+OnTMVirkonTM solution, use the Steril Screen soaked wipe on the delicate alcohol-sensitive solutions and remove any reside with the dry wipes supplied.

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